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Quality Label

Quality Label

Quality Label

Jacon Legal's Quality Label

Action, attitude and knowledge are our three basic principles for success.

They help define our commitment to the client, the candidate as well as our own organisation.


Transparent way of working and quick service


Professional approach, open communication and a guaranteed response to your questions within 24 hours


In-depth knowledge of the legal field thanks to 20 years of experience

Our success rate at finding the right candidate is 87%!

Studies show that only one-third of all recruitment prove successful after 1.5 years.

By contrast, after 1.5 years 87% of our customers are still satisfied about our candidate who joined their company.

“The most crucial and most difficult of all decisions is hiring people. Studies of decisions about people show that only one-third of such choices turn out to be truly successful. One-third are likely to be draws – neither successes nor outright failures. And one-third are failure, pure and simple. Effective executives know this and check-up on the results of their people decisions. If they find that a decision has not had the desired results, they don’t conclude that the person has not performed. They conclude, instead, that they themselves made a mistake.”

Peter F. Drucker, Managing Oneself, Harvard Business Review Press

Succes rate of Jacon Legal

Average succes rate

Our success rate for recruitment and retention

Average succes rate for recruitment and retention

Jacon Legal has something to offer!

Our experience has taught us the importance of having the right people on board, for the right people make sure that work is done correctly and completed in time.
The right people in the right organisation also guarantee a good atmosphere, enthusiasm, passion and motivation.  They largely determine the success of your organisation.


We support the growth of companies that do not exclusively focus on financial results and realise that satisfied employees perform more and better.
This leads to an exponential improvement of the financial results.


In addition, we perfectly understand the roles of the different players in a legal setting, as each member of our team has first-hand experience as a member of the bar, in companies (SMEs and multinational corporations), government agencies and federations as a lawyer, in-house lawyer, member of a legal team, head of legal, legal freelancer and CEO.

How do we achieve this?

Our clients

  • We gladly pay you a visit for an exploratory talk even before you have a specific question so as to get to know your company.
  • This enables us to quickly propose the right candidates when you need additional legal resources.
  • If you have a specific vacancy, we will get together to discuss your wishes.
    We can write the text of the vacancy for you.
  • We select candidates by browsing our HR database.
    This way we can quickly propose candidates who have already completed a comprehensive selection procedure successfully.
  • We simultaneously use various other channels to identify possible candidates in an active and targeted manner.
  • We only propose suitable candidates.
    Interviews with a candidate can be attended by Jacon Legal if so desired.

Selection procedure

  • Each candidate fills in our Jacon Legal CV template. This allows for a first screening based on our quality parameters.
  • We consult at least three sources to determine the candidate’s attitude and knowledge.
  • During a first interview we get a good impression of the candidate’s career objectives, experience and personality.
  • In case of a specific vacancy, an in-depth interview will follow to determine whether the candidate’s profile meets the client’s requirements.
  • References are requested for each candidate we propose.
  • This information is processed in our HR database, and the client receives an overview of all this, including the long list, short list and a detailed report of every suited candidate.

After the selection

  • Jacon Legal is committed, and this commitment does not stop at the start of an assignment. We keep in touch after the start of the project or the job, because both client and candidate satisfaction are and remain of crucial importance to us.

Why work with Jacon Legal?

We bring supply and demand together and connect companies and legal resources.

Are you looking for legal resources for an indefinite period of time or for a temporary project? Are you ready to accept a legal challenge as a permanent employee or for individual projects? Jacon Legal connects legal resources and organisations.

We have the right experience and want to share it with you.

We have the expertise required to find the right people for each organisation and are the only recruiting firm that boasts 20 years’ experience gained in all areas of the legal world, both from the candidate’s and from the client’s perspective. As a result, we are perfectly aware of your expectations and needs.

We carry out a thorough proactive screening of clients as well as of candidates.

We find the right legal resources for companies, thus guaranteeing the best legal services in any situation. We look for the assignment or job that is the best fit for legal professionals, lawyers, legal freelancers, paralegals, CLOs and legal assistants.

Our proactive approach leads to quick and high-quality results.

This proactive approach enables us to find the right person for the job at very short notice, even in urgent matters.

The Federgon Quality Charter

As a member of Federgon, we commit to the Quality Charter.

By accepting and applying these codes, we confirm our intention to ensure the applicable regulations are followed, and emphasise our ambition to provide high-quality services to client companies but also to job applicants and employees.


In specific, by signing the Quality Charter we are committed to:
Ethical business, employing competent staff, respecting confidentiality of data, providing correct information and respecting a complaint procedure.