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A legal employee or a temporary expert?

Obviously, you know permanent employees in your company or law firm;  people who commit themselves to your organisation in the long term. These people may be legal assistants, paralegals, legal professionals, lawyers – associates or partners –,  legal department executives and/or compliance officers.


In addition, it may also be very useful to call upon self-employed temporary experts.

A Legal Freelancer, a Virtual Assistant or a Freelance Paralegal may make an important contribution to your company or law firm.


Are you looking for a general legal professional or do you prefer an expert in a specific legal field?


We are a recruitment office that stands for quality, good communication and service. We really take the time to find out what you and your employer stand for. This way, we can find someone who meets all your requirements, both in terms of experience and in terms of personality. And even more importantly: someone who fits perfectly into the existing team. You can also rely on our thorough and personal screening process, which makes sure you only have to see the very best candidates.

Experience & return on investment

With team members who have more than 20 years’ experience at the bar, as in-house lawyers or as heads of legal, Jacon Legal is a partner you can rely on. We select the Legal Freelancer who will fit in seamlessly with your organisation and bring immediate added value.

We know all our legal experts personally. We make sure that the candidate we suggest for you is a perfect fit, someone with the right mix of business knowledge, availability and personality. Every legal expert we select is experienced, customer-oriented, flexible, mature, hands-on, pragmatic and results-driven.


Working with Jacon Legal will give you a return on investment from day one.


In addition, we will closely monitor their performance in your company or law firm.
Jacon Legal’s job does not end once we have someone working for you. You can continue to rely on our services afterwards as well.

Legal Freelancers

Jacon Legal has an extensive network of legal professionals and lawyers who consciously opt for freelance projects.  You can leave the most complex or specific files to them without worries, or entrust them with day-to-day legal tasks.

Our Legal Freelancers have acquired experience working in a corporate environment, which has given them an insight into the commercial interests and the pragmatic approach of your organisation.

In addition, Jacon Legal makes sure that you can look for the extra in-house support you need with the utmost discretion, and keep it in your company as long as necessary.

What are the advantages?

If you opt for a Legal Freelancer from Jacon Legal, you will enjoy optimal flexibility.

Depending on your project, you can call upon a legal freelancer, paralegal or assistant for your company, for assignments ranging from half a day per month to full-time employment for an extended period of time.

The exact cost is known in advance.

You will not be faced with financial surprises. You will know exactly how much you will be paying: our Legal Freelancers charge a fixed daily rate.

You are entrusted with a project involving a merger, an acquisition or social elections, a due diligence project or a compliance project.

These projects come on top of your already heavy workload. But maybe you see such a project as a great opportunity for yourself. In that case, a Legal Freelancer can temporarily take over your daily tasks so you can fully focus on the project.

Or perhaps you would like an expert to help you? A Legal Freelancer can then handle the project while you work on the cases that require your expertise on a daily basis.

One of your colleagues takes maternity leave, goes off to travel the world or takes time credit.

A Legal Freelancer will take over your colleague’s tasks. This way you can guarantee continuity, the legal work is not delayed and your colleague can immediately get back to work upon his or her return without having to eliminate a backlog.

You temporarily need an - extra - assistant to settle or update a number of basic matters.

For instance to step in for matters of corporate housekeeping (general meetings, appointment or dismissal of a director), compliance (privacy obligations, website compliance with legal requirements, policy formulation), revision of standard documents (general terms and conditions, contracts) or optimisation of your brand portfolio.

Do you hire someone for a specific period or assignment?  On a full-time or part-time basis? 1 day a week?  You are free to choose the flexibility you are looking for.

You’re an in-house lawyer, there’s an overload of work but there is no budget available right now to hire an additional employee.

A Legal Freelancer will allow you to considerably reduce your workload. This way you can dedicate all your efforts to your work without having to worry about making mistakes due to “lack of time”. You will also avoid the risk of a burnout and you will be able to restore your work-life balance.

You want to be able to easily reach a legal professional who can assist you when negotiating major contracts.

We make sure that someone contacts you within 24 hours, so you can start negotiations right away, together with a legal professional who provides commercial support. In many cases, this means that  contracts will be signed quickly.  After all, your focus is on your core business, on the commercial aspects. This quick, flexible and pragmatic service is very much appreciated by SMEs.

You’re a(n in-house) lawyer, you have a very heavy workload and you’re looking for someone to help you.

We will discuss the ideal solution with you without any obligations on your part. Maybe it would be best to call upon a Legal Freelancer until you find someone to join your team. Or perhaps it’s more comfortable for you to temporarily “step up a gear” until your law firm recruits an extra colleague. By focusing on your needs, we will obtain the best results together.

You want to hire an in-house lawyer, but you don’t know if that’s what your company needs.

Have you thought about the possibility of temporarily calling upon a Legal Freelancer? This way you can find out whether an in-house lawyer is an asset to your company and thus a good investment. If this is the case, you have ample time to find a suitable candidate. Especially now that the trial period has been abolished, it’s in your best interest to immediately have the right person in the right place.

Is your legal department in need of optimization?

You are responsible for legal affairs/the legal department and you want to increase productivity and reduce the response times of your department without hiring any extra people?

Do you have the feeling that everything you do is urgent and that you don’t have any priorities?

That you are working on many different things but just don’t get around to doing what you had planned to do?


Do you spend a lot of time answering continuously recurring questions?

And do you feel that efficiency could be increased if documents were more standardised and harmonised?


Are you convinced that a lot of time and money is wasted within the department, for example due to unnecessary research, waiting times, duplication of work, unnecessary checks etc., affecting the atmosphere and the productivity in the department?


Are you under the impression that the cooperation with other departments is chaotic rather than planned?

That others often only call upon the legal department once the harm has been done, or that your department’s role and responsibilities within the organisation are not clear at all?

Our approach allows an increase in productivity of departments by 20 to 30%, thus improving the efficiency of legal tasks and significantly reducing your response times.  These improvements are directly proportional to an increase in satisfaction, both of your own employees and of your internal and external clients.

A few testimonials:

"I used to leave the office at 7.00 pm, taking loads of work home for the evenings. Still, I never seemed to be able to catch up with my work and was stressed out with fear that I would forget something. Thanks to the advice that Jacon Legal gave me, I am now able to finish things I used to have to work on until late at night. I have the feeling of being on top of things again. I have an overview of my accomplishments and of the things that still need to be done. That’s really motivating. I even have the time to pursue further qualifications and stay abreast of changes in the legal world.”

Junior Notary

“The paralegal who used to have a negative attitude now takes pleasure in his work again. He radiates self-confidence, because he realises that he has a role to play in the organisation and because he is on top of things again. We didn’t think such a mindset change was possible. How did Jacon Legal do it?”

Legal Director
HR Service

Cooperation with Jacon Plus

In order to bring this type of project to a good end, we cooperate with Jacon Plus.

Please do not hesitate to contact us, so we can discuss your expectations free from any obligations. ​​​​​