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Are you experienced as a Legal Freelancer, lawyer, legal assistant, paralegal, CLO, VP, HR, compliance officer or head of the legal department? Are you highly motivated, customer oriented, flexible, dynamic, mature, responsible, hands-on, pragmatic, and results driven. Are you skilled at finding solutions and used to getting things done? Do you take into account the corporate culture and can you estimate risks and commercial interests?


We want to get to know you!


Jacon Legal’s mission is to help you find the most interesting and challenging position or assignment, in line with your unique work-life balance and your career goals. Furthermore we are a hearty recruitment office and we really take the time to find out what you stand for and what you want to do.

You can count on us. We’ve got something to offer.

Once you have accepted your new challenge, we will monitor your progress. You’re not alone.
This allows us to develop a long-term relationship with each of our candidates and Legal Freelancers.


By maintaining open communication we develop a trusting long-term connection.
We value respect, follow-up, best practice sharing and support.


We’re also there for you if you consider a career as an in-house lawyer or a Legal Freelancer.
Thanks to our own experience as lawyers, in-house lawyers, heads of legal departments and Legal Freelancers,
we are aware of the differences between the different positions, work environments and corporate cultures.


You can contact us at any given time.


We also gladly help you prepare your interview with the client, we can give you feedback after the interview
and serve as a sounding board in case you get stuck on something during the performance of your duties
as a legal professional or in your assignment as Legal Freelancer.

The success of Jacon Legal depends on our relationship with you.

You are a lot more than just your CV, that's why we take the time to listen to you. Next to your knowledge, experience and goals, we also want to get to know your strengths, weaknesses, experience and ideal professional environment. And ofcourse, all this information is being treated very discretely.

What do we expect from you?

We expect you to be open and transparent.

Only when you tell us about your experience and about the things you have not (yet) mastered, will we be able to give you the job or assignment that suits you best and that you are comfortable with. This way your employer or client will be satisfied with your work. And this in turn will result in a career that is also satisfying for you in the long term. And that makes everybody happy!

We expect you to be correct and discreet.

This means that we can send you to the (prospective) client in complete confidence, both for an interview with a view to a job or assignment and for the provision of services within the context of an assignment as Legal Freelancer.

Are your career goals not completely clear yet?

That’s also something we will gladly help you with, as we look further than professional opportunities alone.

We are familiar with the full spectrum of professional opportunities for legal professionals and are at your disposal to help you
determine the direction you want to take.

We collaborate with People Matter(s)!

Do you have questions about your career, are you evolving towards a new role or do you want to take your career into another direction? People Matter(s) can provide you with advice and help you develop and deploy your talents further.

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     "We only focus on one thing,
       but we do it better than anyone else."

        Your partner of choice in Legal recruitment.