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What our clients and candidates say about us:

"Very good experience with Jacon Legal, both now as a client and in the past as a legal interim manager. Jacon Legal works very quickly, thinks along actively with the customer, delivers top profiles and follows the file closely. Great, from A to Z."

Tom Mespreuve
Contract and Claims Responsible @ Lineas

"We worked with Jacon Legal on several occasions. The last time we hired a legal freelancer through them. We are very happy about the fact that they really listen what our specific needs are and then introduce candidates who match both as to their experience as to the interpersonal fit."

Katia Deknop
Business Manager Tax & Legal @ Attentia

“Where Jacon Legal totally sets itself apart is its tailor-made approach. They don't send dozens of candidates, but provide a short list of candidates who meet the specified job requirements and whose personal characteristics are screened to ensure that the proposed candidates are a perfect match with the corporate culture, the team and my own personal work ethic. Jacon Legal's method is therefore characterized by its efficiency, effectiveness and personal approach! We are also very satisfied with the Legal Freelancer Jacon Legal posted here. It is great talking to someone who was Head of Legal and a Legal Freelancer herself. This kind of sounding board has an absolute added value for me."

Vanessa De Waele
General Counsel @ NHV

"Jacon Legal succeeded in getting a good feel for our corporate culture, was a good sounding board and that helped enormously in the search. Great experience!"

Bram Gerets
Head of Legal Benelux @ Carglass

“What I appreciate enormously about Jacon Legal's services is that the Relationship Manager takes the time to find out exactly what you're looking for. Within the agreed period (once even in less than two weeks) Jacon Legal succeeds in presenting several candidates, taking the expectations into account. They also make a ranking so that when you start with the candidate they put at number one, the chances of a match are the greatest. That's useful, because it means you don't necessarily have to see all the candidates."

Gert Mertens
Manager Legal @ Acerta

"I am very satisfied about Jacon Legal's Legal Freelancer's work and personality. During our in-house lawyer's maternity leave she took good care of the files and ensured a proper transfer."

Sophie Van Iseghem
Legal Director @ Roularta

"Ann is very engaging and has a real 'can do' approach for legal searches."    

Marie Van In
General Counsel @ Allnex

"Ann is a born talent with regard to recruitment. She assesses both knowledge and experience as well as attitude and personality. I also remember that the interviews took place in an open atmosphere and were very authentic. It's great that Ann stays in regular contact. She cares about people. You don't often come across someone like her! Unique for recruiters."

Bart Lybaert
Senior Legal Counsel @ TomTom

"I will certainly recommend Jacon Legal. I'm very satisfied with their personal approach and way of working.”

An Verschooten
Legal Department Manager @ Wolters Kluwer

"Jacon Legal understands what companies need and manages to find the right people for the right challenge.”

Ulrik Vercruysse
Former CEO @ Thomas Cook

"Quality attracts quality."

Diederik Doorenbos
Commercial Director @ BbyB

“I am very satisfied with every aspect of the selection procedure I went through at Jacon Legal. This firm attaches great importance to open communication with the candidates and respects the personality of each of them. To Jacon Legal, not only qualifications, but also motivation and personality are determining factors for a match with the right job."

Social Law Editor
International publisher

"Thank you for the phone call this morning, for the tips and your feedback! It is nice to know that there are still people with a good nature."

HR Business Partner

“Thanks for your advice and availability. The translation agency suggested by Jacon Legal also did a very good job, thanks for that as well!”

Associate Partner

"I have often worked with Jacon Legal before and I am always very satisfied with the approach. They work fast and highly professional."

Contracts and Claims Manager

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