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What our clients and candidates say about us:

"We worked with Jacon Legal on several occasions. The last time we hired a legal freelancer through them. We are very happy about the fact that they really listen what our specific needs are and then introduce candidates who match both as to their experience as to the interpersonal fit."

Katia Deknop
Business Manager Tax & Legal @ Attentia

“Jacon Legal is characterized by its tailormade approach. Instead of sending dozens of candidates, they deliver a short list of candidates who match with the job requirements and are even being screened on personal characteristics, thus making sure that the suggested candidates fit in perfectly with the culture of the company, the team and my personal work ethic. The procedure of Jacon Legal is marked by efficiency, determination and a personal approach!”

Vanessa De Waele
General Counsel @ NHV

"Ann managed to have a good sense of our company culture. She is also a great sparring partner. Both were helpful in finding the right Legal Freelancer. Great experience!"

Bram Gerets
Head of Legal Benelux @ Carglass

“What I really appreciate about Jacon Legal, is that Ann takes the time to listen to your exact needs. What profile am I looking for? What about this person is most important to me? Based on her own experience, she knows exactly what questions to ask and she takes note of it extensively. Within the agreed time period (once even in less than two weeks) she succeeds in introducing multiple candidates which meet the demands and have their references checked. She meets the candidates in advance and makes a ranking, thus ensuring that the first person on the list has the biggest chance of being a match. Very convenient, since you don’t have to see all the candidates this way.”

Gert Mertens
Manager Legal @ Acerta

"Very satisfied with the work and personality of the Legal Freelancer. She has looked after the files nicely during the maternity leave of our in-house lawyer and ensured a good transfer."

Sophie Van Iseghem
Legal Director @ Roularta

"Ann has a true 'can do' approach for legal searches and is very personable."

Marie Van In
General Counsel @ Allnex

“Ann has a real talent for recruitment. She focusses on knowledge and experience, as well as attitude and personality. I remember the interviews being very open and authentic. It is nice that Ann keeps contact. She cares about people. One-of-a-kind! Unique for recruiters in this branch.”

Bart Lybaert
Senior Legal Counsel @ TomTom

"I will definitely recommend Jacon Legal. I am very satisfied with the personal approach and the way they work."

An Verschooten
Legal Department Manager @ Wolters Kluwer

“We are very satisfied with the Legal Freelancer provided by Jacon Legal. It is all the more easy to consult with someone who held the position of Head of Legal and Legal Freelancer themselves. This kind of sounding board is definitely an added value to me.”

Vanessa De Waele
General Counsel @ NHV

“Jacon Legal understands the essence of doing business and succeeds in attracting the right people for the right challenge.”

Ulrik Vercruysse
Former CEO @ Thomas Cook

"Quality attracts quality."

Diederik Doorenbos
Commercial Director @ BbyB

“I am very satisfied with every aspect of the selection procedure I went through at Jacon Legal. This firm attaches great importance to open communication with the candidates and respects the personality of each of them. To Jacon Legal, not only qualifications, but also motivation and personality are determining factors for a match with the right job."

Social Law Editor
International publisher

"Thank you for the phone call this morning, for the tips and your feedback! It is nice to know that there are still people with a good nature."

HR Business Partner

“Thanks for your advice and availability. The translation agency suggested by Jacon Legal also did a very good job, thanks for that as well!”

Associate Partner

"I have often worked with Jacon Legal before and I am always very satisfied with the approach. They work fast and highly professional."

Contracts and Claims Manager

“I really like Jacon Legal’s approach: the first candidate they introduced was the right one. I was happy not having to screen 6 CV’s. On the contrary, both experience and soft skills met our request.”

Legal Manager

“I want to thank you for your time and for making the interview pleasant and stress-free.”

Candidate Paralegal
Payroll Administration Agency

"I am very satisfied with the way Jacon Legal treats its candidates. It is a personal approach, rather than the more distant attitude often adopted by others. I am also very satisfied with the guidance, the information, the accessibility and the feedback that has been given to me. Thank you!"

Candidate S.D.
Legal Counsel

"I really like the homely atmosphere and the personal approach of Jacon Legal."

Candidate K.M.
Legal Freelancer

"I think Jacon Legal is very personal in its approach. A clear difference with other recruiters, which Jacon can be proud of and what they should definitely hold on in the future!"

Candidate J.R.
Legal Freelancer

"The personalized approach is refreshing and creates confidence. It was also positive that less objective factors were taken into account, like work atmosphere, match between personalities, work-life balance,..."

Candidate T. T.

"I would like to thank you once again for the good guidance and many tips!"

Candidate A.L.
Legal Counsel

"Yesterday, I finished my project at the client of Jacon Legal. It was a very pleasant collaboration with nice people.
I would like to thank you for this opportunity and hope to be able to work with you again in the future."

Candidate A.F.
Legal Freelancer

"The description by Jacon Legal matched exactly with what the Head of Legal of the company told me during the interview."

Candidate A.P.
Legal Freelancer

"I want to thank Jacon Legal very much for all the help and tips. I really appreciate this."

Candidate D.B.
Legal Counsel

"Jacon Legal is highly professional and efficient. Very attentive to the candidates, they manage to prepare you the best for your interviews! I highly recommend Jacon Legal!"

Candidate S.B.

"Thank you for all your support and expertise."

Candidate J.V.
Comp&Ben and Labour Relations Counsel

"That's amazing news! Thank you for this email, you made my day :-). "

Candidate G.L.
Legal Freelancer

"Everything is going very well at my new job! The work is interesting and there is a very good atmosphere (very nice colleagues). Thanks again for everything!"

Candidate L.N.
Legal Advisor

"I would like to thank you once again for all the time and effort and for giving me the opportunity to start at this company!"

Candidate K.S.
Legal Advisor

“Thank you for the guidance, this felt very good.”

Legal Freelancer

“You are really involved, and that’s what makes the difference."

Legal Freelancer

"Even when you're not the best candidate for the job, Jacon Legal still lets notifies you."

Legal Assistant

"Thank you for the pleasant and open conversation."


Some of our clients: